About Us

ServersWorking closely with its clients, DBSI uses innovation and years of experience to help leading organizations achieve rapid growth and breakthrough results. Our experts bring deep industry experience and fresh perspectives to every challenge. DBSI offers an unparalleled breadth of expertise in:

  • Creating custom designed networks, including everything from firewalls to routers to installed cabling, that will meet your growing needs, using the most up-to-date equipment.
  • Internet-enabling your company, providing you with a fast, reliable connection, and the latest and most secure software, in order to fully utilize this important new technology.
  • Using advanced technologies to create and shape strategy by developing custom software and hardware configurations.
  • Helping companies implement software and hardware to transform themselves in the new economy.

Diversified Business Systems, Inc offers a broad range of services, each one allowing for customization to suit every client’s specific requirements.

The HMon/DBSI story:

Since 2002, HMon LLC has been providing a variety of specialized hosting solutions with an emphasis on building long term customer relationships and providing high end solutions that are very difficult to get from large providers without sacrificing timely support.  HMon began with a single server colocated at Diversified Business Systems, Inc.

In 2007, HMon began offering hosted VMware and rapidly became a substantial provider of hosted virtualization.  When other rising providers wer focusing on VPS ordered from a form on a web site and without human interaction or support that can speak English clearly, HMon kept the focus on what this technology truly is: server colocation that doesn't require the customer to bear the expense or maintenance headaches of hardware.

By 2008 a single server hosting a few dedicated Exchange servers and a few Linux hosts had grown into many servers and a growing micro data center in Beachwood Ohio and was quickly demanding resources beyond what could be provided by a one and a half person operation.  By the end of 2008 HMon was hosting over 100 virtual servers and geowth was not slowing down.

At the beginning of 2009, HMon and Diversified Business Systems once again came together and initiated a merger that provided the proper resources for the growth of the HMon network as well as a combination of data center and support services that few companies can match.  As the owners of both companies have always shared an obsession for providing the best possible customer support without the customer having to wait, the merger has been a success on all counts.

Today, the HMon name represents the data center services side of Diversified Business Systems and HMon continues to grow.  We have an impressive VMware vSphere cluster providing hosted virtualization for nearly 400 servers currently and that number grows every day.  Our multihomed network offers outstanding reliability and speeds up to 50mbps for your hosted virtualization and colocation needs.